Management as a Service (MaaS) for Transport and Logistics? 

Management with its central functions of leadership and accountability is pervasive throughout decisions, opportunities and operations of every business. But can it really be a service or MaaS is just one of those cocky tech made-up words meant to justify premium costs? Let’s see what it really is.

Simply put, management is the process of achieving the goals of a business through planning, organizing, leading and controlling all the resources available in an effective and efficient manner. So it requires a special set of skills and certain experience in their application to provide working solutions.

Now what if the goals of a business are clearly defined, their scope detailed and their time limit set? Say, for example, you want to see your fleet do twice as much transports to and from Spain by this time next year.

Now your home-grown manager knows the ins and outs of Italian and German lanes and shippers but never worked with Spain. Would you spend another year to follow through the learning curve before any results can even start to be seen? Or would you engage in the time and energy consuming process of hunting, selecting, recruiting and on-boarding a new manager while taking the full risk of underperformance and employment termination?

Scenarios can vary – growth of business, transformation or turnaround goals, coping with a crisis, need for new strategy or simply a long-time manager leaving the company. All they have in common is the gap that opens when the necessary skills, experience or even devotion are lacking within the company. Enter the interim manager who brings the independent expertise that’s needed, at short notice, without the risks and overheads of employment, over a finite time span and is accountable for definitive results. The interim manager is free of company politics and provides services in consulting, planning and implementation, handles a range of key strategic and tactical interventions and then exits leaving your company to reap the rewards.

Key features of the services provided by the interim manager would be:

  • Full commitment to a situation and assignment towards clearly defined results
  • Temporary and time-limited provision of contracted services
  • Immediate start with a very short adjustment period or none at all
  • Top management experience with a proven record of successes
  • High-impact and decisive implementation of solutions

So next time you are evaluating your operations vs the goals and find the necessary leadership missing consider the management can be provided as a service and interim mangers are there to help you achieve that precious turnaround, tackle a crisis for you and lead your team ahead.