As vulnerable to digital disruption as they have become, why is then transport and logistics lagging behind other industries? Boldly meet all the challenges of digitalization and turn the threat of disruption into one of your competitive edges with the help of our project management, support and insights.

  • Vehicles. Enabling your most important physical assets with a digital layer of functionalities activates them as nodes of your network of connected resources for a leaner and more goal-oriented management. Telematics, hard-wired in the trucks and trailers, track their location and estimate cargo ETAs, report a full stack of engine statuses from the board computers, feed info about driving behavior and its impact back to the person behind the wheel and monitor fuel level in tanks, temperature in reefer trailers, shocks suffered by cargo, door locks and many more by a swarm of installed sensors. On-board navigation modules guide your drivers down the most efficient routes taking into account physical and legal limitations, current road conditions and required delivery windows. Advanced two-way communication keeps the drivers always reachable and informed of their tasks, orders to fulfil, routes to follow while allowing them to report live to their dispatchers the stages of completion for better planning and less reaction time to incidents and eventually send the PODs as soon as cargo is delivered for immediate invoicing. Saving time from order to money paid improves profitability. IoT concepts would keep the vehicles in touch to collection and delivery warehouses reducing waiting times and optimizing (un)loading schedules. From “blue-ocean” approaches offering comprehensive suites of integrated features to highly specialized solutions to specific needs. Our advisors will find the right mix for your fleet to cut waste of precious vehicle time and improve profitability while keeping the costs under control.
  • Business processes. Parallel to the digitally enable resources the processes that keep them moving go become paperless, active and sophisticated. Complete ERP systems assist the management of all operations in an easily communicable, trackable and auditable manner while proving advanced analytics for better-informed decisions. E-platforms allow your company to become an active player on the freight market without your sellers even leaving their desks. And if fast and secure online payment based on electronic PODs doesn’t sound disruptive enough, consider that data exchange through interfaces with your customers, partners and suppliers and block-chain technologies enabling trustworthy and smooth communications open the way towards integrated logistics networks of service providers. Your company growth and future place on the freight market may well depend on staying a part of progress. On the other hand, implementation and customizations of complex IT systems can easily take a couple of years while draining your company of valuable time and resources. Our team will manage the transition and lead you to go-live 2 to 4 times faster while letting your team focus on its core activities.
  • IT infrastructure. The dark side of all those advances in resource and process digitalization and integration however comes hand in hand with exploding needs of computer power, storage space and last but not least, cybersecurity. Whole teams of highly paid IT exports maintaining vast racks of expensive servers, managing corporate computer systems and protecting valuable data may not be every company’s cup of tea. We will help you find flexible and scalable cloud solution that is sure to keep IT costs at bay without hindering the opportunities to grow your business.
  • Skills. New technologies, new ways to do things and ultimately new business models in an old industry like transport and logistics do require new sets of skills of your people. Bridge the knowledge gap with new talent and training with Bettazza & Company.