Growing your fleet capacities, your market penetration, your sales numbers, your team and ultimately revenues and margins while fighting to stay on top of maintenance, fuel and labour costs and navigating the murky waters of business consolidations can feel just as exhausting as pushing that rock up the mountain all by yourself. The struggle is real but you are not alone in it. Our advisors are here to arm your business with strategic planning advice and insights on industry dynamics, to take hands-on top management authority for you over a branch, a department, a project or a change process within a defined timeframe and for designated outcomes, to fill in people resource where it matters most. Expand the potential of your freight transport and logistics business with tangible results together with Bettazza & Company.

we listen

Less preaching, more listening

we think

Creativity over ready-made solutions

we bring expertise

Passionate about transport and logistics

we are genuine

Stay real rather than go by the book

Our Services

Operations Management

Facing Restructuring & Turnaround

Operational Business Controlling

Feel the live pulse of your operations

Sales and Marketing

Add new customer layers

Organisational Development

Ever struggled with inefficient workflows

Establishment of new Department

Got your eye on a new market?


As vulnerable to digital disruption

Recruitment Service

A growing business

Logistic Employer Branding

Take a step further

Freight Procurement Optimization

Handle the volatility of the freight market

Our team

Christof Bader

Managing Director

Christof develops transport and logistics businesses in Europe since 1999. Highly specialized in Change Management and Interim Management, Christof turns small and middle sized companies into top performers.


Eveline Bader-Bettazza


Founder and owner of Bettazza & Company, Eveline has devoted years to the transportation industry, managing administration and human resources for various companies.

Svilen Rashev

Senior Consultant

Svilen adds 24 years of experience in Transportation and Logistics industry to the team of Bettazza & Company as an external partner. Focused on sales management, business planning, business intelligence and process- and project management he has seen multiple international logistics projects outperform expectations.

Andreea Bordea

Recruitment Specialist

After years as the chief recruiter, manning the fleet and the truck management team of a major Austrian transportation company, Andreea knows how to find and hire the right drivers and workforce for your core transport operations.

Alina Bercia

Recruitment Specialist

Hard or soft skills, Alina has an eye for the people that will click to your office team and manage your logistics operations. She is in charge of Human Resources at Lebe HR and manages the administration processes.

Anna Nikolova

Design & Branding

Visual arts aficionado, Anna founded Sun Sky Production Studio 15 years ago and has since created and reinvented the looks of many companies. As a partner of Bettazza & Company, she brings art to logistics.

Why Us?

Solutions for logistics

Fully devoted to the transport and logistics industry operators with solutions tested in practice and ready to meet the future of road freight

Experience in freight transport

A team of experts bringing years of experience in transport and logistics companies, overseeing projects and operations of all aspects and management levels

Targeted scalable approach

Laser-sharp focus on the challenges and opportunities that transport and logistics organizations face regardless of scale of projects and tasks