Operational Business Controlling

Feel the live pulse of your operations at your fingertips by a system of key indicators developed by our team for the transport and logistics industry and custom-tailored to match your needs. Would you bet the future of your company on someone’s subjective opinion or would you rather base it on key figures in targeted areas structured into meaningful knowledge?

  • Fleet performance. Modern telematics systems hard-wired in the trucks can monitor and report a multitude of metrics almost live – distance, speed and speed fluctuations, diesel consumption, driving/idling time and consumption, altitude variations, RPMs and engine ranges, braking and especially hard braking, retarder use, coasting, cruise control, stops per km, emissions, you name it. Combine those with toll platforms, multiple diesel suppliers, driver cards, etc. The metrics explode in so many directions that the real story may lay hidden in all the noise of a cloud of numbers. Our team is here to crunch them for you, capture their deep meaning hidden within and allow you to take informed decisions that will steer your operations to success.
  • Fleet revenues. The monthly bottom-line supplied by accounting is the ultimate indicator of the health of the company but ultimate means nothing to the individual truck. Were all of them profitable all the time? How much did each truck contribute to your margin? Or maybe a few of them actually damaged it instead? Trucks are an asset and as such can be managed as a financial portfolio as well. See how with our reporting and insights on the profitability of each truck.
  • Driver performance. Manning your trucks is getting harder every day. And the behavior of your drivers behind the steering wheel can make all the difference. Are they using optimally the time allowed by the regulations to drive? Do they keep the engines in the “sweet-spot” of torque and revs? Are they always anticipating the road and traffic conditions or hard braking every time in panic instead? Do they know that for every KM/h speeding over 80km/h the truck can drive for roughly 1,5% less distance with the same amount of fuel? Our team will dive deeper into numbers and design an assessment system and procedures that will let you work closer with your drivers and keep them motivated, involved and informed of their goals.
  • Fueling. Diesel traditionally eats up a third of your revenue. No wonder planning the most efficient tank-ups along the routes is so crucial for your success and deserves its own category. We step in to design a process based on key figures that will ensure your fleet is powered efficiently.
  • Continuous improvement. Kaizen, as referred to by the Japanese, is the key to competitive success. Bettazza&Company are here for you to help you design and implement the process of feedback from operations evaluated against your targets that will keep your edge over competition always sharp.
  • Potential scenarios. It’s play time. Once your operations metrics are transformed from data into knowledge, let’s test how different approaches will influence the performance. Plan active measures with our team to target specific processes and metrics that will bring the positive effects needed to improve.