Operations Management

Facing Restructuring & Turnaround challenges in search of a lasting change to handle the highly volatile transportation and logistics market? How lean are your sales or your fleet management or your dispatch team or your warehousing division? Our team will pinpoint bottlenecks, adapt scheduling and optimize the processes in your day-to-day business to lead your operations to turnaround and ultimately success.

  • Crisis management. In a heavily regulated industry, vulnerable to economic disruptions, with significant assets exposed out on the road and already strained by the lack of drivers, transportation and logistics businesses can take a hit after another. Bouncing back from distress is what builds resilience from within. And the quicker an effective course of change is embraced, the more value is preserved and more momentum built into the unique growth path of your business. Bettazza & Company will identify the roots of the problems, build strategies and plans to handle them and bring in the courage to make the turnaround that will restore profitability and consistency of operations.
  • Leads converted to sales. An active salesforce would generate multiple leads on a daily basis only to see a fraction of it converted to actual transports orders for your fleet. But what about those near-misses? Those calls that missed the deal only by a whisker. What potential revenue did they hold back only because your truck was missing a couple of belts or a driver didn’t have enough driving hours left or an LTL wasn’t loaded efficiently or a roundtrip wasn’t planned properly in advance? A slight adjustment of schedules, planning and sometimes tactical thinking can make the difference. Let our team work its magic and strengthen your sales.
  • Order-to-invoice process. Order – dispatch – collect, drive and deliver – invoice, can’t be simpler, right? Or not so much. How many times orders get delayed in the pipeline? Or PODs get lost or mixed up or simply stay laying on someone’s desk? Or invoices aren’t sent in the proper manner or time or with the right PODs? Which orders get invoices and which credit notes? Complexities pile up and up and can easily jam an otherwise well-oiled machine. Let our team optimize the process and clear the way for your revenues.
  • Dispatch planning and routing. A task your dispatchers can do even in their sleep. But do they understand the differences between FTL and LTL planning, trunk routes and last mile deliveries? What part of the kilometers run by your fleet cash in the money? Proper driver work/rest schedules can mean the difference between collecting today or tomorrow, delivering on Friday on having to wait until Monday. Time is money. What portion of your fleet’s loading capacity is utilized at the end of the day? Loading space is money as well. Our advisers will work with your team to steer their smart planning skills, daily decisions and moneymaking thinking.
  • Resource planning, vehicle status, maintenance scheduling. Trucks and their drivers are your asset that is on the front line meeting all the challenges all the time – roads going up or down, good or bad, roads jammed by traffic, traffic not always behaving, hard braking – it all causes extensive wear-and-tear until some part of the truck gives in and you have to call the emergency service to get your driver out of trouble and cost you thousands of hard-earned euros. Let us improve your planning process to minimize such emergencies.
  • Cash flow planning. Cash generated should meet cash paid in well-timed manner to ensure efficient operations. Mere days or sometimes hours can endanger the smooth operations and call for emergency loans at high rates or capital movement to finance an otherwise profitable business. Yes, we know the frustration. And thus our team is eager to get you out of trouble by an efficient planning of the flows.
  • Interim management. You have a cherished vision for the future of your company but need a plan how to get there? Or you already built a sophisticated plan but your company lacks a manager qualified, skillful, experienced or simply devoted enough to see it through? Or maybe it’s been too long pushing in a direction without getting anywhere and a fresh management perspective is what’s needed to jump-start again? Our team can be operational within days offering years of expertise to fill-in the gaps, manage hands-on operations of a business unit, team or task at the highest professional standards and help your vision become a reality.