Organisational Development

Ever struggled with inefficient workflows that cause frustrating mistakes all over the place, clog operations, bring no results, lose precious time, team efforts and company resources and ultimately damage your bottom line? We step in to trace and eliminate inefficiencies for more streamlined workflows that get the job done faster and save valuable resources for other lucrative business tasks.

  • Core values. Great leaders nurture a set of values, goals, attitudes and practices shared by the people to form a resilient organization. It shapes the way your employees interact, take daily decisions and respond to change, both within the company and towards the external business environment. Sales or key accounts out of alignment with dispatching or a freight selling team unaware of the struggles of their chartered or contracted carriers are a sure recipe for disaster. Our advisors will help you develop a system of company values and turn the words of your vision and mission into practice.
  • Rules of operation. Mundane office chores can easily carry you away and drown you in their tediousness losing sight of your goal. A system of procedures that optimize strategic planning, financing, customer service, office and road safety, compliance to national and EU regulations, etc. will always keep you on track and maintain the quality of service. We will work with you to define the rules and procedures that will keep your operations aligned with your goals.
  • Chain of accountability. A person of trust is one who delivers against his/her commitments. The same applies to teams, procedures and the company as a whole. A framework that ensures your team is involved, experience is stored and evaluated, decisions and activities are transparent and a feed-back loop is active from the drivers through truck managers to senior management is key to having all teams aligned with customer and fleet needs and ultimately company claims. Bettazza & Company will support you to keep your teams and operations not only formally accountable but also aware of their impact.
  • Business processes. Often with company evolution, upscaling of operations, growth of markets and services and acquiring team members, workflows tend to pick up peculiarities that were once efficient and may still do the job but today are more likely to cause delays. Such operative dead-weights will waste valuable resources and time brining nothing but frustration. Let our team identify those bottlenecks and streamline your processes.