Recruitment Service

A growing business is always in the need of skilled, devoted and loyal workforce and the need for drivers in particular has never been larger and so crucial for the success of transport companies. Through our sister company, Lebe HR, we are here for you in the search of skilled drivers, technicians and office staff.

  • Recruitment process. Drivers, drivers, drivers. Always in need of new good ones. Driver recruitment process must be a funnel that constantly brings in new, quickly selects the best of them and keeps them interested, involved and improving. The advisors from our sister company, Lebe HR, are here to share their insights on how to build and run a process that will sustainably man your trucks.

  • Staff leasing. Looking for more flexibility in you HR to stay ahead of the volatility on the transport and logistics market? Book your truck managers, dispatchers or transport manager with Lebe HR for a project-related contract time and enjoy all the benefits of skilled and experienced employees devoted to your operations without the employment termination risk.