Sales and Marketing

Add new customer layers in spot sales, seasonal contracts and long-term tender management to further develop your customer base, deepen market penetration, stabilize revenue streams, improve customer retention and neutralize market and seasonal risks.

  • Business growth. Sales growth naturally leads your business forward. However hitting a plateau in growth is a challenge every company stumbles upon eventually. Overcoming it requires more than just pushing your salesforce more. Not unless a new strategy for market development and penetration is implemented. The team of Bettazza&Company is here for you to guide your team through market segmentation, new lanes identification, customer base expansion and retention, deeper knowledge and connection with the buyers and more to develop the size of your market and maximize the potential of the existing one.
  • Pricing. On a market dominated by buyers, supply chain operators and large 4PLs a transportation company often finds itself following their lead demand- and price-wise alike. However, as neglected as it is, pricing can actually be the key to improving your profits. Playing it smart, charging the right price and making sure your customers pay it are all elements of a pricing strategy our team will help you build.
  • Key account management. Focused on a few customers who tend to purchase most or all of your fleet capacities long term? Or looking to consolidate your efforts rather than spreading thin over a larger and more volatile demand? The process of sustaining and expanding the relationship with your key accounts while working cross-team and following a complex system of KPI, however, requires a different set of skills and expertise from spot selling. We are here to bridge the gap and lead through to a higher level of customer engagement and bonding.
  • Tender management. Just beyond the sales calls and freight exchanges lies a whole world of large industry procurement and thousands lanes moving kilotons of cargo around Europe every day all year round. But it is a world inaccessible by the usual mundane calls no matter how hard your salesforce tries daily or how good your sales pitch is for the season. Just because it requires a mountain planning, preselection, clear price records, annual evaluation, feedback loops and an overarching sales strategy. Our advisors will help you develop it and put in place a robust process and automation of bidding in tenders.